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The ISS - A test-bed for future exploration technologies

Andreas Mogensen

Andreas presents some of the science he conducted during his mission to the International Space Station.

Designing the conditions to design everything

With Company

Rui Quinta and Tiago Nunes, WithCompany co-founders, explain what Design Thinking did for them and how they are using it to help constantly redefine the way they work.

Human side of design

Carlos Arturo Torres

Carlos shares his personal experiences and three of his recent design projects, which include a car (Peugeot RD), a respiratory assistant (PIRA) and a prosthetic (IKO), all accomplished through the lens of Human Centered Design.


Designing machines for experts

Amy Pritchett

Amy explores the huge challenge of designing machines to work effectively with humans, and how they require humans to also change their conceptural model of work.

Musical moment

Carlos Sanches

Experience a wonderful moment with Carlos Sanches.
Alignment: 1a - Viriato; 2a - Catarina; 3a - Ecos; 4a - Sonhos.

Transforming the Material Basis of Civilization

Eric Drexler

What if we were really good at making things - better products of all kinds—in a clean way, at a very low cost, and on a global scale?

Using Hyperspectral Imaging for Iron Nanoparticles Analysis

Helena Gomes

Helena Gomes presents an application of hyperspectral imaging to a different use: cleanup of contaminated soils.

Molecular Gastronomy

Joana Moura

Did you know that smell (aroma) is mainly responsible for our sense of taste? Take a journey through molecular gastronomy with Joana Moura, founder of Cooking.Lab Company.

Musical Moment

João Barradas

João Barradas is one of the most influencial accordionists of his generation. Alingment: Ode - Brad Mehldau; Coral - Mário Laginha; Certeza - João Esteves da Silva.

Ciência em Rede

José Azevedo

José presents a platform to promote science for non-scientists in social networks, and also to provide scientists with tools for a better dissemination of contents and information.

Inside the Realm of Learning

Maria Carreira

Maria explains high performance settings that facilitate sharing and acquisition of knowledge, enabling students, teachers and researchers to undergo transformative learning experiences.

Plataforma para Formação em Acessibilidade

Maria Alice Ribeiro

Maria Alice Ribeiro addresses the need of creating accessibility from the beginning of content production, by simplifying and systematizing information for users.

Influcence of culture on Portugal's economy

Marta Silva

Marta Silva presents her opinion on how a culture is created and sustained, focusing on the differences between organizational and national cultures.


Micael Oliveira

Micael Oliveira presents Orankl, a platform founded in 2013 at MIT, that aims to provide everyone tools that big online retailers, like Amazon, have been using for years.

Somatic Cells Biosensor

Rita Pontes

Rita Pontes talks about a nano-scale device that can be used to infer about milk’s quality: SoCe, a biosensor that detects and quantifies the physical, chemical and biological interactions of somatic cells in a drop of milk.

Can I Drive?

Sérgio Isidoro

Sérgio Isidoro presents an idea which uses the computational power of a smartphone and big data to decide whether a driver is capable of driving or not. It is a model to help people decide.

INN Rating

Tiago Soares

Tiago Soares presents a platform to help people reach the best decision when comes to traveling, based on their own needs and tastes.