TED é uma organização sem fins lucrativos cujo objetivo é espalhar ideias, sob a forma das tão reconhecidas TED Talks. Existe desde 1984 e já contou com a participação de inúmeros e poderosos thinkers e makers, que passaram pelo palco do TED para falar dos temas mais variados - desde as ciências e tecnologias aos problemas sociais.
Sabias que.... Originalmente, estas conferências eram sobre Tecnologia, Entretenimento e Design - é daí que vem a sigla TED!


TEDx são eventos oficialmente licenciados pelo TED, que seguem os mesmos moldes, mas organizados por grupos independentes e voluntários. Até à data já foram realizados quase 25 000 vezes, em cerca de 130 países.


Desde 2013, somos o evento TEDx oficial do Instituto Superior Técnico, campus Alameda. Somos um grupo heterogéneo de estudantes e trabalhadores de várias áreas, unidos pela vontade de proporcionar a experiência TED ao vivo e a cores . Trabalhamos continuamente para trazer ao nosso palco ideias e opiniões que estão a mudar o mundo, e esforçamo-nos para promover a inovação através da educação e investigação.
Caminhamos orgulhosamente para a nossa quarta edição, na qual esperamos estimular a mudança de mentalidades.


TED is a non profit organization devoted to spreading ideas under the form of the renowned TED Talks. It has existed since 1984 and it has counted with the participation of countless and powerful thinkers and makers, who have gone up on stage to discuss a wide variety of subjects - from science and technology to social issues.
Did you know that… Originally, these conferences were about Technology, Entertainment and Design - hence the initials TED!


TEDx are official, licensed by TED events, that follow the same structure but are organized by independent, voluntary groups. So far there have been almost 25 000 of these events, in about 130 countries.


Since 2013, we have been the official TEDx event of Instituto Superior Técnico, campus Alameda. We are a heterogeneous group of students and workers from many fields, united by our will to provide the TED experience live in colour. We continuously work to bring to our stage ideas and opinions that are disrupting the world, in an effort to promote innovation through education and investigation.
We are proudly coming to our fourth edition, in which we expect to stimulate the shift in mentalities.

Our amazing team

Afonso Raposo
Ana Carvalho
Head of Social Media
André Ferreira
Head of Curators
Augusto Reis
Partner Manager
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Beatriz Marques
Beatriz Moreira
Head of Communication
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Partner Manager
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Partner Manager
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Head of Design
Gil Belford
Public Outreach
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Operations & Logistics Manager
Inês Ferreira
Main organizer
Inês Gonçalves
Visual Designer
Inês Mataloto
Blogger / Reporter
João Apura
João Dias
Manuel Serra
Head of Web Development
Mª Leonor Narciso
Attendee Experience Coordinator
Maria Roque
Mariana Oliveira
Video & Media Manager
Miguel Rafael
Video Editor
Pedro Perdigão
Video & Media Manager
Rafael Inácio
Raquel Martins
Marketing Hacker
Rita Oliveira
Head of Partnerships
Sofia Grilo
Partner Manager
Maria Carmo-Fonseca

Maria Carmo-Fonseca

Maria Carmo-Fonseca is Professor at the University of Lisbon Medical School and President of the Institute of Molecular Medicine. She is member of several scientific organizations such as the European Molecular Biology Organization and the Portuguese Academy of Sciences, and she is monitoring editor for the Journal of Cell Science. Carmo-Fonseca has authored more than 150 original research articles, review articles and book chapters with a total of approximately 9 thousand citations (h index 52). The vision of her research group is to understand how RNA molecules, with their ability to both encode information and exert catalytic activities, contribute to the regulation of gene expression and how this knowledge can be translated into novel disease biomarkers and therapies.

Jans-Benedikt Jaugsch

Jans-Benedikt Jaugsch

Jan is a second year Master student in Information Management at Nova Information Management School. At his university, he assists the Master courses in Text Analytics and Decision Support Systems. Also, he is an active member of the Genetic Programming research group, where he develops evolutionary operators for Neural Network topologies. Finally, Jan serves as president of the Nova Analytics Group – a student association on campus – where he applies Data Science to public projects and student competitions.

Darchite Kantelal

Darchite Kantelal

Darchite Kantelal graduated as a dietitian from King’s College London, with a MSc degree in sports nutrition from Oxford Brookes University and a specialization in plant based nutrition from Cornell University. After starting his career with an internship at SL Benfica, he took responsibility for the GD Estoril Praia Academy teams, where he still practices his profession today. As a member of for the last two years, he has actively collaborated in sharing scientific based information about a plant based diet. Darchite is also a nutrition consultant at ProVeg International and the dietitian at the Portuguese Vegetarian Association, role which led him to participate in the decision to implement a compulsory plant based meal option in all public canteens at the Portuguese Parliament. His passion for a plant based diet also motivated him to expose his ideas in his book “Eat Well Play Better”, where he teaches athletes on how to follow a healthier, more conscious and sustainable diet.

In the last few years, given the rise of the vegan movement, Darchite has focused his work on showing other people about the power of changing our dietary habits in MasterChef Junior Portugal, SIC Radical, in RTP2, as well as in interviews with Expresso, Sábado magazine, Correio da Manhã and Agência Lusa. In addition, he also participates in regular talks about veganism such as in Nova Medical School, VeggieFest, Veganário Fest and in other related events.

João Sequeira

João Sequeira

João Silva Sequeira received the PhD degree in ECE in 1999 from Instituto Superior Técnico (IST), Lisbon, Portugal. He’s currently assistant professor at IST and a researcher at the Institute for Systems and Robotics (ISR), Lisbon, Portugal. He was the principal investigator in a number of national projects, participated in several international projects in several Robotics areas, and coordinated the IST participation in the European FP6 project URUS. He coordinated the European FP7 project MOnarCH and published several papers in international conferences and journals. His current research interests include social robotics, decision making under uncertainty, and fusion of information in multi-sensor systems.

Filipa Elvas

Filipa Elvas

Filipa Elvas, portuguesa, nasceu em Lisboa a 26 de Abril de 1976.
Licenciada em Sociologia do Trabalho - Recursos Humanos, pelo Instituto Superior de Ciências Sociais e Políticas | ISCSP.
É Assistente de Bordo na TAP AIR PORTUGAL há 11 anos, desde 2007.
É apaixonada pela sua Profissão.
Começou a correr em 2011.
Nesse ano fez a sua primeira Maratona, em Helsínquia.
Desde esse dia, 20 de Agosto de 2011, que descobriu que a Maratona | Corrida são o seu ‘caminho’.
É a correr que é feliz.
Desde 2011 que faz duas ou 3 Maratonas | 42KM por ano:
Diante dois caminhos, escolhe o mais árduo. Geralmente é o melhor.
A Adversidade é um Desafio.
Os obstáculos são um Desafio.
A dificuldade é um Desafio.
Numa Maratona existem muitas Adversidades, que surgem durante todo o percurso.
A cabeça é, para Filipa, ‘o músculo mais importante do corpo’.
Numa Maratona, a condição física é muito importante. Os treinos diários são fundamentais. O Esforço e a Dedicação contínuos são valiosos. O Empenho, a Determinação e a Força de Vontade são tudo.
Filipa dá muito valor à Inspiração durante uma Maratona e, durante os seus Treinos diários.
A Inspiração está intimamente ligada à Emoção e à Força Interior.
Sem Inspiração não corre.
Sem Emoção, também não.
Corre porque é apaixonada.
Para todas as Maratonas treina sozinha, em silêncio, sem música.
É assim que gosta de correr.

Zaid Bin Farooq

Zaid Bin Farooq

I'm a simple person trying to find joys of life in very small bits and pieces. I'm a Mechanical Engineer by profession and currently completing my Dual-degree Masters Program in Energy Engineering, second year at Instituto Superior Tecnico Lisboa. I have been on stage for as long as I can remember, I still have a vivid memory when I was 4, I barely reached the podium and they had to put a stool so that my face was visible to the audience. Since then I feel that mic and the stage are the powerful tools to impact people.
I'm a liberal, vocal supporter of freedom of speech and believe that expression of your ideas is one of the fundamental human rights that no one should be deprived of.
I'm an avid book reader, music lover and sometimes like to sing as well, but only in family and friends gatherings. I'm a writer as well but my writing dopamine needs a strong external stimulant, an impactful event or a powerful experience.

Miguel Martins

Miguel Martins

Miguel Martins, painter by education, is professional tattoo artist for 10 years.
He is the co-founder of Sublimevilla Tattoo Studio in Aveiro and works in various studios in Europe, attended many tattoo conventions in the most diverse countries arround the world.

Arlindo Oliveira


Arlindo Oliveira licenciou-se em Engenharia Electrotécnica e de Computadores pelo IST e doutorou-se em Engenharia Informática e de Computadores pela Universidade da Califórnia em Berkeley. É professor catedrático do Departamento de Engenharia Informática do IST e investigador do INESC-ID. É autor de dois livros, um sobre arquitectura de computadores (em co-autoria) e outro sobre a evolução futura da tecnologia, traduzidos em diversas línguas, e de mais de 100 artigos científicos em revistas e conferências da especialidade. Assumiu a Presidência do Instituto Superior Técnico em Janeiro de 2012.

Rosário Ferreira

Rosário Ferreira

Rosário Ferreira studies psychology at the University of Lisbon and values being happy above all else. Nothing is more important than making hers and everyone else’s a cheerier day. This attitude is due to the fact that she spent several years dealing with anxiety and a consequent depressive tendency. After her personal battle against these diseases, she has now gained an interest in challenging the way society views them and bringing awareness to understanding and dealing with them better. She focusses mostly on the younger generations that face the weight of dealing with an increasingly complex world.

Luís Perdigão

Luís Perdigão

“Always adding and subtracting, he lives in a constant flow. He fragments himself according to what he feels. He has no tricks, he doesn’t drink absinthe, he is not a genius. Luís is a trapped beast in the real world. He doesn’t write what he desires, he is forced to dive into what he sees. He doesn’t know if he writes life or if it’s life who writes him.”
Luís Perdigão. Poet and narrator of the urban jungle. From Amadora, Portugal to the world.

Diogo Medina

Diogo Medina, MD MPH MBA

Diogo Medina is a Physician with post-graduate training in Public Health, Travel Health, Communication and Health Literacy, Evidence- Based Medicine and Business Administration, working as a consultant in projects at the intersection of these different areas. He worked as a medical editor for the Harvard Medical School - Portugal Information Program and for the Center for Evidence-Based Medicine of the University of Lisbon, where he led the development of health information platforms for the public, as well as the implementation of clinical decision support systems for health professionals.
In 2015, he founded a telemedicine startup, where he currently works, also devoting his time to working as a volunteer physician in the AIDS Treatment Group (GAT) NGO and as facilitator in training events for health science students and entrepreneurs from different areas.

Martim Vicente

Martim Vicente

Cantor, Compositor, Músico, Professor e Cristão. Estas sãoalgumas das palavras que, sem ordem preferencial, definem Martim Vicente.

Nascido em Lisboa no ano de 1989 foi aos 8 anos que se iniciou a sua paixão e descoberta pela música ao aprender os primeiros acordes numa guitarra emprestada que apareceu lá em casa. Começou por ter algumas aulas de iniciação musical num ATL e aos 10 anos entrou no Conservatório Nacional de Música onde esteve 8 anos.
Mais tarde licenciou-se em Sociologia pelo ISCSP mas sem nunca tirar foco do seu grande objectivo – a música.
Foi em 2010 que deu o seu primeiro passo para reconhecimento público ao conquistar o 2o lugar no programa de televisão Ídolos.
Em 2016 lançou o seu primeiro trabalho discográfico intitulado “Caminho”. Albúm em que contou com participações especiais como Carolina Deslandes e Ivan Lins e onde atingiu vídeos com mais de 1 Milhão de visualizações no Youtube.
Em 2017 iniciou um projecto de ensino de guitarra e música extensível a todas as idades a que deu o nome “Martim Vicente Ensina”.
Em Março de 2018 lançou o seu mais recente single “Só nas Canções”.

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Humanismo científico, auto-conceito

Daniela Ribeiro

In this talk, Daniela dazzles the audience with her works and projects up-to-date, exposing her concept of “transhumanism” and “scientific humanism”.

Can AI help me compose a hit song?

François Pachet

Pachet takes the audience on a journey through the AI applications in the music world, to produce content that helps composers find their own musical style.

O bom, o mau e a avaliação

Francisco Azevedo

Francisco Azevedo shares an incisive analysis about the methods of evaluation that university students are subject to, in Portugal.

Como mudar o mundo.

Filipe Jeremias

In a very clear and direct way, Filipe raises questions about how education is structured and organized, and how it has an impact on how students learn.

A escola dentro, fora e além da caixa

João Couvaneiro

In this talk, João explores “what a school is for” and shows the audience how classes are taught in Mozambique, through solutions such as UNESCO’s “School in a box”.

Why is time so variable?

Joe Paton

Renowned scientist Joe Paton is one step closer to explaining how and why, neurologically speaking, our brain keeps track of time.

Musical Performance

Les Crazy Coconuts

Gil Jerónimo’s voice and Tiago Domingues’ drums join Adriana Juliano’s unpredictable and surprising tap dance to awake the audience.

BITCOIN - Where cutting edge tech makes money

Miguel Santos

In this talk, Miguel explores one promissing and controversial technology: BITcoin, the world’s first decentralized currency. Follow him on a quest through BITcoin’s social and technological impact.


Mistah Isaac

Rapper, beatboxer, jazz artist and Angolan poet, Mistah surprised the audience with an astonishing performance. Check him out!

The Little Buda project

Tomás Mello Breyner

Tomás inspires the audience with his personal story―how he found in meditation an alternative to the subterfuge of drugs, after he had been diagnosed with a rare hearing illness.



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